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Based out of Upland, IN, where venues are scarce and corn is abundant, Sun & Heir started as a few friends playing cover tunes for a school event in 2013. However, that quickly transformed into a group of guys who desired to collaborate and make music of their own. From indie to hardcore, they came from extremely different musical backgrounds but found common ground very quickly in a sound that is unique to Sun & Heir. After the summer of 2014, the five guys put their heads together to create and release Sun & Heir's first EP, Keeping Us Up, in early 2015. With a massively successful Kickstarter campaign to boost the production of the EP, Sun & Heir has the resources, talent, and willpower to continue to make music.

Not only has S&H broken into the musical world, but they have also had great opportunities to work in film. Their first three singles, Beautiful Girl, Breathe My Mind, and Weekend, are all featured in a documentary called Collaboration that airs on national Danish television in the spring of 2015. Their first song ever released, Weekend (2013), was also used in a powerful video by Team World Vision called 'Maureen's Story: This is Personal'. Sun & Heir was also featured on the 'New and Noteworthy' section of Noisetrade in 2014, as well as on the front page of the music website 'Brite Revolution'.

Keeping Us Up is essentially the progression and timeline of Sun & Heir's sound and cohesiveness. As they moved away from their original folk origin, they dove head first into melodic synth leads and catchy vocal melodies. Led vocally by Ryan Ericson and Ryan Lanier, both bring their own unique singing style to the forefront of Sun & Heir's newest release. Each lead vocalist is backed by Taylor Hughes' soothing harmonies which bring a sense of resolution and completion to each song. Keeping Us Up is an album that brings much to the table, whether you are driving down the highway with the windows down or relaxing at your favorite coffee shop, this album fits everyday life.

Needless to say, Sun & Heir is on the rise to become a fun-loving and musically talented alternative band that combines many types of music to create a unique and pleasing sound. Music is their passion.


Vocals, Guitar / Ryan Lanier

Drums / Will Tice

Organ, Bass, Vocals / Taylor Hughes

Vocals, Guitar, Bass / Ryan Ericson

Keys, Guitar, Bass / Jack Rose




by Sun & Heir

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Keeping Us Up

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